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It’s funny that you can find enlightenment even in the smallest things. You know what; as I really think about it, most of the time when I have enlightening moments I break things down to a simple form. The complexities are like a thick fog that covers, hides, shades, obscure, the true simple nature of a thing. It blocks you from getting understanding. “In all things get understanding”.

Your foundation is a big key; Raise a child up in the way they must go and they will not bring you shame. Being from the south and raised in a loving family has made me a loving, kind, and caring man; not to just me family and friends, but also to strangers.

Switch off the light, turn off the music, let some nature’s air in; these simple things bring you back to level with less interference and uplifts you to a moment of tranquility and enlightenment. 


Life is Beautiful

You can do so much with your life, if you chose not to waste it. I went to a high school Christmas recital tonight and it was great; those teenagers touched my heart. There may have been a separation from church and school but they can’t take the joy of Jesus Christ from these children’s hearts. Young people are so amazing when they have the drive and are directed in the proper ways in which they must go. Be the beauty in someone’s life, be encouraging, motivating, and supportive of people dreams and desires of their heart. Let us not take this beautiful life for granted. Let’s cherish each and even moment of life; by doing something beautiful.

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Posted by on December 14, 2012 in Motivational, Spirital