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Let’s Cook

There comes a time in life when the blood, sweat, and tears start to finally pay off. But, this does not mean that this is time to turn down. “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” are the words of Lil John. Once you get the water boiling, you can turn the burner down, but you can’t turn it off and expect it to keep boiling.

We have prepped the food now Let’s Cook.


Coming Back to……….

Yes, I have been away for some time now. I feel some kind of way about it, I should have never left so abruptly. First, and foremost let me apologize for my absence. New things have arisen and excitement is brewing. There are great things to come and the next six months, so please stay tuned. Coming back to bring you the good news.

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It’s funny that you can find enlightenment even in the smallest things. You know what; as I really think about it, most of the time when I have enlightening moments I break things down to a simple form. The complexities are like a thick fog that covers, hides, shades, obscure, the true simple nature of a thing. It blocks you from getting understanding. “In all things get understanding”.

Your foundation is a big key; Raise a child up in the way they must go and they will not bring you shame. Being from the south and raised in a loving family has made me a loving, kind, and caring man; not to just me family and friends, but also to strangers.

Switch off the light, turn off the music, let some nature’s air in; these simple things bring you back to level with less interference and uplifts you to a moment of tranquility and enlightenment. 


Daily Growth

Each and everyday I feel that life teaches us something. Sometime the lessons are small ones, but others are life changing. We must be able to adapt to the changes that we experience. There is one constant in life and that is change, so lets embrace it and grow for this. I have been working very hard to start and open a Chiropractic Clinic in Arlington, Texas. I have learned a ton of new information and have truly grown from it and will continually learn and grow on a daily basis. It’s been tough but I feel blessed that GOD gave me this dream, passion, and opportunity to be a blessing to others. Chiropractic allows a body’s organ system to function properly; mainly the nervous system, which controls all other systems, so that the body can operate at peak performance and maintain optimum health.


Musical Bliss

It is amazing how good music transcends time, crosses boundaries of sex, age, race, cultures. The beauty of listening to older music gives me a chance to step back in to time and really appreciate the quality and depth of the lyrics and musical bliss that was created. The lyrics held so much substance and relativity to the time, but some of the songs are still relevent, in today’s society. The passion bleeds out of the speakers and floods the room so that I’m swimming in a river of LOVE. I’m blessed to discover these old classics they will forever live in the hearts of each and every person that gets the chance to be blessed by their sweet melodies.

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