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Musical Bliss

It is amazing how good music transcends time, crosses boundaries of sex, age, race, cultures. The beauty of listening to older music gives me a chance to step back in to time and really appreciate the quality and depth of the lyrics and musical bliss that was created. The lyrics held so much substance and relativity to the time, but some of the songs are still relevent, in today’s society. The passion bleeds out of the speakers and floods the room so that I’m swimming in a river of LOVE. I’m blessed to discover these old classics they will forever live in the hearts of each and every person that gets the chance to be blessed by their sweet melodies.

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Enjoying the little things

It’s nice to be able to eat a nice meal, watch a good funny movie, while relaxing in bed. Feels good to be able to chill out and take your mind off of the worries of the world even if just for a little while. Put away the work, set aside the worries of today and tomorrow if only for the moment. I have a lot of things to do for the preparations for tomorrow and the near future. So, at this moment I just finish watching a nice movie after eating a┬átasty meal, trying to relax, but it is time to get back to work building my future empire in the chiropractic profession. But, I enjoyed the moment of relaxation, the little things in life.

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Good for the babies

Good for the babies

Chiropractic is good for babies, they respond to care very fast. Bring them up healthy and they will grow up strong, healthy, and smart.

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