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Forgetting the Basics

So, tonight I went to Bible study at my church here in MS. The pastor is starting at the beginning of the bible Genesis and will be working his way through it as the year goes on. He asked a simple question the only took one word (a name) to answer it and growing up in church I should have know it without hesitation. Not only did I hesitate, but a got the answer wrong. Basic info I should have known. It made me think about all the other basic things we forget about, in life, because we want to be so “advanced”. So, we get lost and forget about the elementary things that we have learned so long ago. That makes me think of the show ” Are You Smarter than a 5th grader”. I have only seen it a few times. But the fact of matter is, in my opinion, to really get a little further or to advance in life is that we remember the basics things and focus on them. Strong foundation will out last the storm and the test of time.

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