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Dr. Levy Riley III

A variety of underlying conditions can cause painful back aches, but determining the root of your back pain is essential to your treatment. Below is an outline of the more common back pain causes to help you determine where to begin in your treatment. Be sure to visit a trained chiropractor who professionally handles back pain to help you determine the cause and best source of treatment.

1. Muscle strains and spasms are often a cause of lower back pain. This most common form of lower back pain from muscle spasms can be very painful. It may be mistaken for nerve pain when muscles constrict around a key nerve.

2. A ruptured intervertebral disc, also considered a herniated disc, is another cause of lower back pain. This occurs when disc material is protruding. Though bulging discs is common in many people without symptoms, if it does result in lower…

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Life is Beautiful

You can do so much with your life, if you chose not to waste it. I went to a high school Christmas recital tonight and it was great; those teenagers touched my heart. There may have been a separation from church and school but they can’t take the joy of Jesus Christ from these children’s hearts. Young people are so amazing when they have the drive and are directed in the proper ways in which they must go. Be the beauty in someone’s life, be encouraging, motivating, and supportive of people dreams and desires of their heart. Let us not take this beautiful life for granted. Let’s cherish each and even moment of life; by doing something beautiful.

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