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A Leader

It has been said that a great leader has a teacher/mentor, whom has taught him/her the things that has made this person successful. This person has taken time and invested knowledge to sculp and mode his/her pupil. Now, the pupil will transition to become the teacher or mentor, where the rolls have changed. He/she must take on the reponsible and lead the pupil and the way it must go. The pupil is as good or bad as the mentor that shape him/her.

We as leaders will shape a new generation, so we must study and show ourselves approved, to be worthy of this honor. To be a leader doesn’t mean you have to be a roll model. Your life may have fulled with your wrong doing or bad thing happening to you. This doesn’t disqualify you and fact it makes you more qualified because you have been there and done that so you know the trials and tribulations that a person maybe going through. Don’t condemn the next person because you lack faith in yourself. Put forth 100% effort from the heart with the best of your ability and let God do the rest.

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