Low Back Pain Story Worth Sharing

Source: Low Back Pain Story Worth Sharing

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Let’s Cook

Source: Let’s Cook

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Let’s Cook

There comes a time in life when the blood, sweat, and tears start to finally pay off. But, this does not mean that this is time to turn down. “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” are the words of Lil John. Once you get the water boiling, you can turn the burner down, but you can’t turn it off and expect it to keep boiling.

We have prepped the food now Let’s Cook.


Coming Back to……….

Yes, I have been away for some time now. I feel some kind of way about it, I should have never left so abruptly. First, and foremost let me apologize for my absence. New things have arisen and excitement is brewing. There are great things to come and the next six months, so please stay tuned. Coming back to bring you the good news.

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Guest post: Infrared photography in Yellowstone National Park

The Fujifilm Blog

By Simon Weir


I started 2014 leading a workshop in Yellowstone National Park for Chris Weston‘s safari company “Magic Is” – I am now working regularly with them as a group leader and instructor.

Yellowstone in winter turned out to be an IR photographers paradise and my IR modified X-E1 with the 14mm did great service as the images below show. This camera blows me away every time I use it and there was a great deal of interest from the 12 photographers in the group – so much so that I ended up doing a full presentation on Infrared photography one evening while we were there.  My X-Pro1 and the XF55-200 also did good service as shown in the two bison shots at the bottom of this post.

Also pleased to report that both Fuji cameras worked faultlessly down to temperatures as low as -30C –…

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In Iife we make a lot of decisions. We decide where to eat, decide where to pump our gas at, decide to workout, or not, we decide what dentistry we go to, we also decide what hospital we visit if we are sick, what car insurance we carry. When things are important to us we make them a priority. Such as family, job security, retirement funding, and the cars we drive. There are a lot of decisions that we have to make that change and shape our lives. There comes a time in a person’s life where they must choose to or decide to invest in their future; not just for themselves but for their families, kids, mother, father, and wife. These are the things that we pride ourselves on, working hard to provide for these love ones. So, we must invest time, effort, energy, and money to make sure that these things come to life. The shavings of a good carpenters work is the fruit of his labor. Money comes if you do your due diligence, but why can’t money come from doing hardly nothing. Let your money work for you so you don’t have to work so hard for your money. Invest, smart investing allows you to achieve things that you may not have ever thought of. So, I chose to invest so that I can have the luxury of being happy because I can provide for my myself and my family. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Long time away

Yes, it has been a while since my last blog. I have been thinking about posting but I have just not taken the time to write anything. I shouldn’t have left you without some words to motivate you. Well here we go!

Remember the strongest material made either by man or mother-nature, it has to be subjected to extreme heat and pressure. But, they are the rarest and the most valuable stone or material. So, keep this in mind when you feel like you are in between a rock and a hard place.

Allow these words to be what you need at the time you read them or a revelation later.

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